China and Globalisation in the Era of Xi Jinping

Since our first issue in July there have been a number of subtle but significant changes in the discourse surrounding China’s role in the world. These may, broadly, be assessed under three general headings: increasing concern inside and outside China about a Chinese economic downturn, a possible hardening of the US position regarding China, and a more assertive, if not aggressive, Chinese posture towards its neighbours under Xi Jinping.


After discussing the prospects for conflict in our editorial, the first article examines the one little appreciated factor about China's remarkable economic growth: the impact of globalisation. It argues that we need to look more closely at the control and ownership of production rather than simply its geographical concentration. The next three articles consider specific aspects of the other two key questions, paying particular attention to the impact of Xi Jinping. The last two articles look at two crucial domestic elements of China’s interaction with globalisation: its urbanisation process and the rise of civil society in China.



Sean Starrs

China's Rise is Designed in America, Assembled in China

Suisheng Zhao

The Strategic Rivalry Between China and the US: Neither Containment Nor Regional Dominance

Kevin Cai

China's Foreign Policy Adjustment Under Xi Jinping

Angela Stanzel

Aspects of China's Foreign and Security Policy

Fu Jun

China's Urbanization Drive in Global Perspective

Jennifer Hsu

Future Prospects for NGOs in China


China's Encounter with Globalisation

China's World is a new twice yearly journal. It will be devoted to examining the many issues involved - for both China and the world - in China's interaction with globalisation.

China's World hopes to be able to explore the various dimensions of China's interaction with the globalisation from as many as different perspectives as possible. In this, our first issue, two articles look at different aspects of Australia’s relations with China. two at the dynamics involved in China’s encounter with globalisation and one at the crucial relationship between China and the United States of America.

David Armstrong

Will China Shake the World or the World Shake China?

Michael Dauderstadt

China's Economy: Changed by and Changing Globalisation

Mark Beeson and Wang Yong

China, Australia and Globalization: the limits to interdependence

Jeffrey D. Wilson

Managing the controversies over Chinese Foreign Investment - Lesson from Australia

Tim Summers

China and Globalisation

Jone W. Garver

China's Misperception of a US anti-China conspiracy

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