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About Us

China’s World  is published by the Huawen Insitute, a London and Irish based establishment which also publishes Chinese Weekly, a European based Chinese news platform which provides comprehensive and timely overseas news reports and European local information.

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Kai Dai



Kai is a serial entrepreneur who has overseen the start-up and successful exit of several companies in both China and Europe. He is currently the Founder of Huawen Foundation, Huawen Institute, Huawen Research, The Chinese Weekly and Ousheng Capital.

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Andy Golding


Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society

Andrew has profound understanding of media under the globalising environment. He has set up a number of collaborations in China and used to be a visiting Professor at the Nanjing Normal University and the Summit College of Art, Nanjing. He contributes to the Royal Photographic Society Journal, to Langford’s Advanced Photography and is writing chapters on Photographic History and Teaching and Learning for a forthcoming publication.

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David Armstrong

Director of Research and Editor of China's World

The editor of China’s World is Professor David Armstrong, who is also our Research Director. Professor Armstrong is an Emeritus Professor of Exeter University and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He has previously edited The Review of International Studies and Diplomacy and Statecraft.

All queries can be made directly to Professor Armstrong :